2012-13 HASTAC Scholars

Participant , University of Iowa , Library and Information Science
Audrey Altman is a second year master’s student in the School of Library and Information Science. She is interested in how librarians, archivists, scholars, and technology experts can use digital humanities for undergraduate education and public outreach. Currently, Audrey is working on the Nuestra Iowa project, an online exhibit that will combine archival documents from the Iowa Women’s Archives, undergraduate scholarship, and publically contributed stories to explore the history of Latinos in Iowa.
Participant , University of Iowa , English
Participant , University of Iowa , History
 Yvonne is a fourth year PhD student in the Department of History. She studies the social history of religion in medieval France, with an emphasis on the history of women. Her interests include using modern tools such as digital visualization models to explore the past; in using data synthesizing and mapping tools in her teaching; and in expanding her community of peers through social networking. She is from Ireland, and has previously studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and the University of St Andrews, Scotland.