2013-14 HASTAC Scholars

Participant , University of Iowa , Communication Studies
 Ben Burroughs is a PhD candidate in the Communication Studies department at the University of Iowa where he is writing his dissertation on digital and streaming media. He has authored several publications including “Kissing Maccaca: Blogs, Narrative, and Political Discourse “(2007) in the Journal for Cultural Research and "The Masal Bugduv hoax: Football blogging and journalistic authority" in New Media and Society. His current research interests include: streaming culture, digital rituals, and digital anthropology.
Participant , University of Iowa , English and African American Studies
Elizabeth Lundberg is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English at the University of Iowa. Her dissertation examines narrative strategies that cultivate reader empathy surrounding acts of interpenetration in literature of bodily permeability. She teaches literature and has also taught rhetoric and composition. She is interested in working through questions of how to bring contemporary technology into the classroom in ways that enable and enhance connections—across texts and fields, among people, and between the classroom and the world outside it.