StoryCenter Digital Storytelling and Design Workshops

We are currently working with the organization StoryCenter to plan a combination digital storytelling and design workshop for Summer 2019 and Summer 2020. The workshop has several intertwined goals. Our overarching goal is to produce a group of stories about the humanities that connect scholarship and the academic humanities to diverse social and career possibilities and purposes. One of the goals of the grant is to bring together faculty, staff, students, and even alumni in co-learning experiments. To tell effective stories and experiment with experiential, co-learning approaches, we will ask the group to plunge into the kind of experimental, multi-media writing and communication that UI students who participated in the NEH NextGen project and in the Public Digital Humanities Certificate undertake and that will be a critical part of the Humanities for the Public Good project. Finally, we hope to cap our storytelling with an experiment in using the knowledge we’ve co-created to clarify the strengths of existing courses and departments, picture a complementary program, and imagine how disciplines and an “extra-disciplinary” degree might be mutually enriching for students.


What will participation entail?
The 2019 workshop will take place June 4-7. Participants should plan to attend from 8-5 daily and will may want to do some writing and editing in the evenings. We will also invite the group to share their digital stories to inspire others at an event soon after fall classes begin.


The workshop is open to instructional and tenure track faculty who work with graduate students, graduate students, and individuals who hold PhDs in the humanities and related fields and are working on campus in staff and administrative positions and can share the stories of their career paths and insights. Note that even people who have participated in previous StoryCenter workshops are eligible to apply.


Participation includes a $1,000 stipend for full participation through the entire workshop. We anticipate selecting up to 20 participants. We know that for some staff members and for graduate students already receiving fellowships or assistantships, university policies may prevent us from offering such a stipend. However, we hope that you will apply, making clear that you are in one of those categories. We are very willing to work with your supervisor and/or the Graduate College to see if any accommodation might be possible. We can’t guarantee it, but we’re willing to make the case if you are selected.


Check back soon for application details!