1985 Interdisciplinary Research Grants

Sexual Assault, the Courts and the Media: A Question of Privacy

  • Carolyn Stewart Dyer, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Nancy Hauserman, Business Administration 

Death and Desert: A Longitudinal Study of Homicide and Criminal Justice

  • David C. Baldus, Law
  • George Woodworth, Statistics

Study of a New Approach to Hydrodynamic Turbulence

  • B. R. Ramaprian, Mechanical Engineering
  • G. Knorr, Physics and Astronomy

Iowa Libel Research Project

  • John Soloski, Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Randall Bezanson, Law
  • Gilbert Cranberg, Journalism and Mass Communication 

Research in Testing of Language Comprehension

  • James P. Pusack, German
  • Irene M. Wheritt, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Stephen M. Alessi, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations

Video Rhetorics: Televised Advertising in American Politics

  • John S. Nelson, Political Sicence
  • G. R. Boynton, POROI