1990 Interdisciplinary Research Grants

Humor as A Guide to Social Changes: Bandamanna Saga and Heroic Values

  • E. Paul Durrenberger, Anthropology
  • Jonathan Wilcox, English

Robust Estimation of Scale with Application to Economics

  • Russell V. Lenth, Stastistics and Actuarial Science
  • Joel L. Horowitz, Economics
  • Marianthi Markaton, Statistics and Actuarial Sicence

Maternal Risk Factors: Implications for Child Development

  • Michole Eliason, Nursing
  • Chris Rodgers Arthur, Special Education 
  • Kathryn Gerken, Psychological and Quantitative Foundations

Art and Life in Africa: The Stanley Collection of The University of Iowa Museum of Art

  • Christopher D. Roy, Art History
  • Allen F. ROberts, Anthropology and African-American World Studies