2005 Interdisciplinary Research Grants

Computer Visualization and Identification of DNA Knot and Links

  • Isabel K. Darcy, Mathematics
  • Stephen K. Levene, Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Robert G. Scharein, Computer Scientist

Ultra-Local Governance in China’s Cities and Villages: Bringing Together Perspectives from Political Science and Sociology

  • Benjamin L. Read, Political Science
  • Ethan Michelson, Sociology

India Calling: Accents, Identities and Aliases in the Indian Call Center Industry

  • Aimee M. Carrillo Rowe, Rhetoric & POROI
  • Sheena Malhotra, Women’s Studies

America’s New Slavery: Public and Private Responses to Involuntary Servitude and Human Trafficking

  • Kenneth Cmiel, History
  • Mark Sidel, Law