2006 Interdisciplinary Research Grants

Research Issues for Riverine Bank Stability Analysis in the 21st Century: An In-depth Analysis of Ongoing Challenges and research Needs

  • A. N. Thanos Papanicolaou, IIHR Hydroscience & Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Massimo Rinaldi, Civil Engineering
  • Subhasish Dey, Civil Engineering

Quantifying the Efficacy of Robotic Data Gathering: Objective Assessment of Geologic Interpretation and Application to Lunar and Mars Exploration Missions

  • Geb Thomas, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  • Mark Reagan, Geoscience
  • Ingrid Ukstins Peate, Geoscience

Mapping Out Racial Disparities in Access to Substance Abuse Treatment: A National Analysis of Whites, Latinos and African Americans

  • María B. Vélez, Sociology
  • Stephan Arndt, Psychiatry and Biostatistics