Videos of Recent Obermann Conversations

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 (All day) to Monday, November 16, 2020 (All day)

Neighborhood NESTS: Building Community-Education Partnerships | April 7, 2021
— with Megan Alter (NESTS co-founder), Missie Forbes (Executive Director, 4Cs of Johnson County), and Peggy Schwab (NESTS program manager and 2020-21 Obermann Spelman Rockefeller Community Scholar).


Native Lands: Belonging and Reclaiming | March 10, 2021
— with Shelley Buffalo (Coordinator of the Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative) and Carrie Schuettpelz (UI Public Policy Center and Rhetoric). 


COVID's Lessons: End of Life and Grief | February 16, 2021
— with Laurel Lyckholm (Hematology/Oncology and Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation), Lilian Akimpaye (RN, Iowa City Hospice), Lori Erickson (Author of Near the Exit: Travels with the Not-So-Grim Reaper)


Food Insecurity in Johnson County | January 14, 2021
— with Patrick Brady (Community and Behavioral Health), Katharine Broton (Educational Policy and Leadership), Joan VandenBerg (Youth and Family Development Coordinator for the Iowa City Community School District), and Sarah Witry (School of Social Work)



Out in the Field: Finding Wonder under the Water, in the Ground, and on the Waves | November 16, 2020
— with Cynthia Chou (Anthropology), Katina Lillios (Anthropology), and George Peterson (Monterey Bay Sea Aquarium)


Little Resurrections: Laboring to Find Wonder in Our Work | October 28, 2020
— with Christopher-Rasheem McMillan (Dance and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies), David Borger-Germann (Iowa City's Sanctuary Community Church), and Kristy Nabhan-Warren (Religious Studies and Gender, Women's, & Sexuality Studies)


ICE Enforcement: Impacts on Community Health and Well-Being | February 4, 2020
— with Nicole Novak (College of Public Health), Carolyn Colvin (College of Education), Elizabeth Bernal (Eastern Iowa Bond Project), and a community member from Mt. Pleasant active in Iowa WINS


Domestic Stories | November 14, 2019
— with Catherine Stewart (Cornell College), Donna Cleveland (editor and feminist podcaster), Fatima Saeed (home healthcare worker), Jennifer Sherer (UI Labor Center)


Local Disabilities Initiatives | March 27, 2019
—with Tammy Nyden (Johnson County Children's Coalition), Michael Hoenig (UI Health Sciences), Janet Schlapkohl (Combined Efforts), Sujit Sing (IPTV), Mary Helen Kennerly (Seen & Heard)


Multiple Pathways to Recovery: Addiction Research and Treatment Services | February 13, 2019
—with Paul Gilbert (UI College of Public Health), Marvin Hain (Coralville VA Outpatient Clinic), Steve Steine (College of Public Health)


Photographing the Latina/o Experience in Iowa—Social Activism, Research, & Policy | November 7, 2018
—with Gerta Bardhoshi (UI College of Education) and Jeremy Swanston (UI Art & Art History Department)


The U.S./Mexico Border in Context | December 6, 2018
—with Lina-Maria Murillo (UI History and GWSS Departments), Kristy Nabhan-Warren (UI Religious Studies and GWSS Departments), Rene Rocha (UI Political Science Department), and Yolanda Rivera (attorney, chair of the Equity Committee for the ICCSD)


Gerrymandering, Voter Registration, & Access to the Ballot | October 25, 2018 
—with Andrew Bribriesco (attorney, LULAC), Tracy Osborn (UI Political Science Dept.), and Sharon Lake (grassroots activist)


Controlling Research: Gun Control, Public Health, & Restraints on Research | April 26, 2018
—with Carletta Knox-Seymour (1Strong Coalition), Mark Berg (UI Crime & Justice Policy Research Program), and Corinne Peek-Asa (UI Injury Prevention Research Center)


Global Citizenship | April 19, 2018
—with Alisa Meggitt (North Central Junior High), Jason Harshman (UI College of Education), and Caleb Elfenbein (History and Religious Studies, Grinnell College) 


So Long, Cursive! | March 6, 2018
—with Lisa Roberts (poet, Assistant Director of the Iowa Youth Writing Project), Shawn Datchuk (UI College of Education), and Cheryl Jacobsen (calligrapher, artist, UI Center for the Book instructor)


Unraveling & Mending: Art as Political Witness | February 6, 2018
—with Amir ElSaffar (jazz musician and Hancher guest artist) and Lisa Schlesinger (UI Theatre Department, CLAS)


The Making of "Hot Tamale Louie" | April 10, 2017
—with UI Music Professor and jazz musician John Rapson and fellow musicians Dave Moore and Daniel Gaglione


Johnson Co. Historic Poor Farm: New Collaborations AND Screening of Graduate Institute Film | March 22, 2017
—with students who have a vision for the Poor Farm, Shanti Sellz (Johnson County Local Food and Planning Specialist), and Alexadra Drehman (Executive Director of the Johnson County Historical Society)


Aging in Place: Keeping Older Johnson County Residents in Our Neighborhoods | February 15, 2017
—with Nancy Hauserman (Professor Emeritus, College of Business), Susan Shullaw (strategic communications consultant), Mercedes Bern-Klug (John A. Hartford Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholar and Director of Aging Studies), and Teresa Mangum (Professor of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies and Director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies)