Obermann Center Special Topics Seminar: Parody, Plagiarism, Patrimony: Don Quixote in the Age of Electronic Reproduction, Fall 2015

In fall 2015, the Obermann Humanities Symposium "Parody, Plagiarism, Patrimony: Don Quixote in the Age of Electronic Reproduction" will be held on the UI campus (October 22-25, 2015). This seminar leading up to the symposium will prepare graduate students for informed and fully engaged participation in the symposium and related events by offering an advanced, intensive introduction to Quixote studies, with a particular focus on its continued impact on world literature, art, music, and film.  The symposium will feature presentations by scholars, writers, and artists whose work will be examined in the seminar and thus offer students a rare opportunity to interact directly with the scholars and writers of the work they have studied. An additional follow-up session will consider students' perspectives in light of the symposium. This 1-credit, S/U course will involve five meetings leading up to, and attendance at, the Fall 2015 Obermann Humanities Symposium, plus an additional follow-up session.

Class location: Obermann Center library

Primary Instructor: Teresa Mangum

Team Teachers: Denise Filios and Ana Rodriguez-Rodriguez   

color headshot of Ana Rodriguez-Rodriguez
Director , University of Iowa , Spanish & Portuguese
Ana M. Rodríguez-Rodríguez is an associate professor specializing in Early Modern Spanish Literature. She has published articles on Christian-Muslim relations in the Mediterranean during the 16th and 17th centuries, and a book exploring Spanish textual manifestations of the phenomenon of captivity during this period (Letras liberadas: Cautiverio, escritura y subjetividad en el Mediterráneo de la época imperial española. Madrid: Visor Libros, 2013).
Denise Filios portrait
Director , University of Iowa , Spanish & Portuguese
Denise K. Filios specializes in the literature and culture of medieval Iberia. She has published various articles on medieval and modern versions of the Griselda legend in Europe and North Africa and on stories about the Muslim conquest of Iberia in Hispano-Latin and Arabic historiography. As the former coordinator of the Middle East and Muslim World Studies group, she has experience collaborating with various units within the University of Iowa and organizing scholarly and outreach events.
Headshot of Teresa Mangum
Director , Obermann Center for Advanced Studies , Director
A Professor in the Departments of Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies and English and Affiliate Faculty with the Public Policy Center, Mangum was appointed as Director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies in 2010. She is the author of Married, Middle-brow, and Militant: Sarah Grand and the New Woman Novel (1998); editor of A Cultural History of Women: Volume 5: The Age of Empire, 1800–1920 (Berg 2013); and guest editor of special issues of Philological Quarterly, Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Victorian Periodicals Review, and the Journal of Aging...