Rhetoric Seminars

Every semester POROI hosts two rhetoric seminars that workshops the projects-in-progress of researchers, activists, artists, film-makers and other culture workers, including UI and visiting scholars. Each seminar takes place with an audience from diverse backgrounds that come to the seminar having engaged the work-in-progress.  

Interested in workshopping your work-in-progress at a Rhetoric Seminar? Contact naomi-greyser@uiowa.edu and kembrew-mcleod@uiowa.edu

Participants workshop with stakes, venue, audience, intended impacts, and the seminarian's wishes and hopes in mind. The virtue of the format becomes apparent as disciplines and intellectual traditions cross paths with personal proclivities, diverse media, reading habits, patterns of knowledge and modes of expression. The group provides insightful, constructive criticism concerning what it sees as a work’s strengths and weaknesses, and in turn provide the speaker with ideas for revision and eventual dissemination. Many presenters publish revised versions of their work in scholarly books and journals; seminarians have also screened workshopped films at festivals, implemented workshopped instruments to conduct nonprofit research, circulated workshopped book proposals to academic presses, and filed workshopped chapters as dissertations.



Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
Obermann Center Library
111 Church St
Iowa City, IA 52240

Deirdre Egan (GWSS) presents "Biological concepts of race in the twenty-first century". Anthropologists and biologists describe human genetic variation in fundamentally the same way but disagree on the issue of whether the level of differentiation constitutes something that can be called race. Why? And why do scientists of all stripes keep finding themselves called upon to refute insupportable and potentially dangerous claims about genetically based racial differences in behavior? This paper explores some of the configurations of race in the biological sciences in the genomic age.