Spelman Rockefeller Grants

Research Funding

Though the DeLTA Center, the Obermann Center promotes increasing understanding of and well-being of children and their families. To do this, the Obermann Center provides the DeLTA Center with Laura Spelman-Rockefeller Grants, which have been offered to the University of Iowa research community for over two decades to support our innovative work in this field. 

The Obermann Center supports the DeLTA Center’s projects in the area of children’s learning and development through the Laura Spelman Rockefeller grant. Members of the DeLTA Center and their community partners—professionals from the Iowa Children’s Museum, Iowa 4Cs, Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County, Iowa City Community School District, Foundations of Learning, Children’s Center for Therapy, Johnson County Empowerment, and Source Media—recognize the importance of play and shared reading for early learning.