Workshop in Latina/o/x Studies

The University of Iowa Workshop in Latina/o/x Studies is a summer program designed to bring together scholars across the career timeline—from graduate students finishing their dissertations to full professors—to share and develop works-in-progress. Outside of a few specialized conferences and their own professional networks, there are few places that Latina/o/x Studies scholars can go to share work, get feedback, and begin the intensive process of revision and reimagining their projects. This Workshop aims to be such a place. Over the course of a week, scholars get instruction on best writing practices, read and offer feedback on one another’s projects in a structured environment, participate in blocks free-writing time, and even share some work with the local community. Housed at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Iowa, the Workshop aims to be an ideal setting to help scholars move projects from draft to published.

The inaugural theme of “Critical Latina/o/x Communication Studies” engages Latina/o/x communication in ways that are methodologically diverse, theoretically complex, radically contextual, politically invested, and rhetorically self-reflexive. Spanning many of the sub-disciplines (including rhetorical studies, media studies, performance studies, intercultural communication studies, interpersonal communication studies, and more) and other fields entirely (critical sociology, American studies, comparative ethnic studies, history, etc.), critical Latina/o/x communication studies seeks to interrogate questions of power, privilege, hegemony, and coloniality, often as they relate to issues of identity/difference, race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc. As such, this workshop is designed as an opportunity to bring together critical Latina/o/x communication scholars from various disciplinary homes to converse, network, and offer feedback for one another on current projects—all in a cooperative environment.