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Participants in the Obermann Center join a community where an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach is valued, a community that appreciates the rigorous thought, long hours, and great passion that culminate in successful artistic and scholarly work. An array of programs and opportunities provide many different ways the UI and visiting faculty and graduate students can be a part of the Obermann Center. See our programs

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“We wanted to start from a topic of broad interest,” says Teresa Mangum, director of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies. “Food is universally important, but it’s also especially significant for an agricultural state like ours.” Continue Reading
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This two-day Obermann Working Symposium promises to be a paradigm-shifting moment for the University of Iowa and a leap forward in the larger field of the health humanities. The six keynote speakers include the editors of the two forthcoming health humanities anthologies, as well as the editor of a graphic medicine series, an artist who pioneered an arts-based training program for medical students, a founder of the best known narrative medicine program, and the co-director of a center for literature and medicine. Continue Reading
On Saturday, April 12 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., we welcome you to join us first at the beautiful, historic Salisbury House, which is itself made from treasures that its initial owners gathered from around the world. Faculty members and cultural leaders from Cornell College, Drake University, Grinnell College, Iowa State University, the University of Iowa, Salisbury House, and the Des Moines Art Center will share their discoveries of the connections between “home” and the world. Continue Reading
Sara Guyer
A recent New York Times Opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof—“Professor, We Need You!”—inspired national debate about the status of “public intellectuals.” The Obermann Center continues the conversation on March 10, 2014 with the next two speakers in our yearlong “Designing the Future” series—“Designing the Future for Publicly Engaged Research and Teaching in the Humanities.” We are delighted to welcome Professor Sara Guyer from the University of Wisconsin and Professor Matthew Countryman of the University of Michigan. Both direct centers with nationally renowned programs focused on the public potential of the humanities. Continue Reading
Comic by Rachel Williams
On February 26 at 4:00 pm at the Obermann Center as part of the Obermann Afternoons series, Creekmur and Williams will discuss their recent work around comics. Emphasizing both the creation and study of comics--from early newspaper strips through comic books up to contemporary graphic novels--they will argue that the time has come for comics, long neglected by artists and scholars, to have a permanent place in a university setting. Continue Reading

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This is audio from the September 16, 2013 conversation between author Bruce Sterling and University of Iowa Vice President for Research and Economic Development Dan Reed, recorded at The Englert Theatre.

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