Humanities Symposium

Opportunity to Explore an Important Topic in the Humanities

The purpose of the Obermann Humanities Symposium is to explore an important humanities topic that highlights UI scholars and scholarship. The proposed symposium may be interdisciplinary or involve the efforts of scholars from a single department, involve few or many participants, and use any format that produces a lively exchange of ideas. The symposium should include both UI and visiting participants. Some sessions must be open to all UI faculty members, staff, and students.

Recent Obermann Humanities Symposia have been Latinos in the Midwest and Comics, Creativity and Culture. (See links below to learn more about those events.)

To learn more about our 2015 Symposium, Energy Cultures in the Age of the Anthropocene, please visit our external website:

Required Items

  • Send a letter of introduction regarding your symposium topic: including its relevance to a particular field or fields; potential for sustained impact through publication or other means of sharing knowledge beyond the immediate event; and ideas for engaging with the community.
  • Include a CV: for each applying director. We encourage but do not require that one director is a senior faculty member.