Increase the effectiveness of your voice!

Female public speaker, neon-colored sketch

Saturday, March 30, 2024
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   
4650 Seamans Center

Please note: This event is not open to the public. Successful applicants have been notified.

Our voices are an important indicator of who we are. Female-presenting speakers often learn self-undermining speaking habits from the people and society around them. How does the voice contribute to our sense of presence and how others perceive us? Tone, inflection, pace, and volume are some of the vocal elements that provide clues for the listener as to what we think and feel.

In this workshop, UI Theatre Arts professor Mary Mayo will invite you to develop a greater awareness of your voice and its strengths and weaknesses. Then she’ll teach you exercises to increase and enhance its effectiveness.

Please note: This workshop is especially designed for female-presenting speakers and the sometimes unique social and cultural forces that shape the ways they use their voices. This is a competitive application process. We are delighted that we can accept up to 20 faculty, staff, and graduate student participants.

The application period has closed.

Workshop Director

Mary Mayo

Mary Mayo

Associate Professor of Instruction, Theatre Arts (CLAS)

Mary Mayo, MFA, is a designated Linklater teacher and has taught voice, acting, and improvisation at a variety of institutions including New York University, Syracuse University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, Shakespeare & Company, and the American Shakespeare Center.

Before coming to Iowa, Mary taught at the University of Maryland and coached voice and dialects throughout the District/Maryland/Virginia area at (among others) Arena Stage, Ford’s Theatre, Woolly Mammoth, Roundhouse Theatre, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, and Signature Theatre. Acting credits include roles with Kristin Linklater's Company of Women, Shakespeare & Company, Live Arts Theatre (Charlottesville), The Open Eye, Ensemble Studio Theatre (New York City) and Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (Baltimore).

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