Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The support that the Obermann Center receives from friends such as Jack and Trudi Rosazza helps us to deepen and extend our work. This year, for example, we were able to send our director, Teresa Mangum, to a workshop with the OpEd Project. This visionary organization helps underrepresented voices land on the opinion pages of our nation’s newspapers, thereby changing discourses. In November, the OpEd Project is coming to Iowa City to give a workshop to UI faculty and community members—an opportunity that grew out of the seed of our donors’ generosity. 

If you are a donor already, thank you for helping to make the Obermann Center the oasis for innovative thought and magical collaborations that it already is! If you’re not yet, consider giving to the Center to help us deepen our roots. We hope that in doing so you’ll find the same pleasure that Jack and Trudi express here.

As longtime Iowa Citians and former University of Iowa faculty and staff members, we are proud to be Friends of the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies. Through our work, we’ve come to love collaborative ventures; thus, we especially appreciate the efforts of the Obermann Center to foster cross-disciplinary and multidepartmental activities.

By involving ourselves with the Obermann Center, we enjoy the wide variety of programming offered, which has included attending the diverse conference events surrounding the 2015 Humanities Symposium, “Energy Cultures in the Age of the Anthropocene,” and engaging with the Obermann Afternoons lectures offered once a month in the Obermann Library.

We are consistently impressed with the caliber of scholars involved in work incubated in Obermann’s quiet rooms. The more we engage with the Center and its full schedule of events, the more we remain committed to our pledge as OberFriends, a group of supporters who appreciate the value of this unique and thriving intellectual community.

We are excited to know that our financial gift supports wide-ranging programs that develop new and innovative ideas, outstanding faculty as well as graduate students, collaborations between artists and scholars, and unparalleled connections between the University of Iowa and its surrounding community, the state of Iowa, and the world. We invite you to consider joining us in financially supporting this gem of intellectual advancement on the University of Iowa campus!

Jack and Trudi Rosazza