Tuesday, April 24, 2018

With generous support from Grinnell College, the University of Iowa, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry: A Grinnell College/University of Iowa Partnership's co-directors Erik Simpson (Grinnell) and Teresa Mangum (UI) have worked with students, staff, and faculty in a fascinating, rewarding, and instructive multi-year experience in collaboration.


The 2018 Symposium (August 8-10) will be an opportunity for members of both institutions to join digital scholars from across the country to celebrate accomplishments, reflect on lessons learned, develop projects, and discuss what the future might hold as the grant draws to a close. The event will reunite participants and scholars who have visited our campuses with support from the grant and give all who've been involved a chance to connect with others who would like to know more and collaborate in the future. The symposium is also an opportunity to thank the many people that have supported our work and partnered with us, especially colleagues at the University of Iowa’s Libraries, Digital Research and Publishing Studio, Honors College, and Center for Teaching and Grinnell College’s DLAC and Center for Teaching and Learning.


The Symposium's guest presenters will include

  • Alan Liu, Distinguished Professor, English Department, University of California-Santa Barbara, affiliate member of UCSB’s Media Arts & Technology graduate program, founder of the NEH-funded Teaching with Technology project at UCSB called Transcriptions: Literature and the Culture of Information and of the UCSB undergraduate specialization on Literature and the Culture of Information
  • Matthew Battles, Associate Director of metaLAB at Harvard, where he designs interventions, media provocations, and technology projects in collaboration with a team of architects, web designers, scholars, and artists 
  • Patricia Fumerton, Professor, English Department, University of California-Santa Barbara and founder and director of the English Broadside Ballad Archive
  • James Lee, Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities and Early Modern Literature and Culture, University of Cincinnati; co-director of the Digital Humanities / Digital Scholarship Center in the UC Libraries; and creator of Mapping a Global Renaissance with 53,829 Texts
  • Élika Ortega, Assistant Professor of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies, Northeastern University, working on the intersection of literature, print-digital culture, and global exchanges in the twenty-first century
  • Miriam Posner, Assistant Professor, Information Studies, UCLA, who has collaborated with students to create projects like Origin of the Speciesearly African-American Film, and the Getty Provenance Index
  • Roopika Risam, Assistant Professor, English; Coordinator of the Digital Studies Graduate Certificate Program; Digital Humanities Coordinator; and Chair of the Program Area for Content Educators, Salem State University, whose work focuses on postcolonial, African American, and US ethnic studies, and the role of digital humanities in mediating between them

Symposium website: http://media.obermann.uiowa.edu/archive/dbsymposium2018/dbsymposium2018.com/

All are welcome.