Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Building on the Obermann Center’s tradition of nurturing interdisciplinary scholarship, the Intergenre Explorations Working Group has brought together faculty engaged in intergenre work. Rather than (or in addition to) crossing disciplines, intergenre work crosses from one mode of research or presentation to another. Synthesizing scholarly and creative modalities, these crossings entail palpable felt experiences traditionally banished from ‘objective’ scholarship, even as they challenge artistic forms with the demands of scholarly methodologies.

On September 18 from 4:00 to 5:30 in the Obermann Library, co-directors Lisa Heineman (History and GWSS) and Kim Marra (Theatre Arts and American Studies) will provide an overview of the group’s work over the last two years. They and several other group members will then briefly discuss their individual intergenre “crossings,” e.g., from historical scholarship to creative nonfiction and autobiographical performance, from literary criticism to self-help, from visual art to documentary film, or from theatrical costume design to community engaged carnaval. The group will conclude by presenting their plans for the coming year that key into the 2014 Obermann Humanities Symposium on Affect & Inquiry and Exuberant Politics, a series bringing together together artists, filmmakers, activists, and scholars.