Imaginative new cross-disciplinary collaborations in the humanities connecting academic, local, & global partners

Series Editors: Teresa Mangum and Anne Valk
University of Iowa Press Acquisitions Editor: Meredith Stabel

Around the world, imaginative new cross-disciplinary collaborations in the humanities are connecting academic, local, and global partners. Part exhibition, part documentary, part advice, and part reflection on failures, successes, and possible futures, the books in the Humanities & Public Life series capture the voices of faculty, students, community members, and organizational partners whose work serves the common good. As one important measure of the promise of such new work, the National Endowment for the Humanities new Public Scholars Program supports authors who want to share their publicly-oriented work with broad audiences. Our series, a collaboration of the University of Iowa Press and the University of Iowa’s Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, welcomes authors whose work engages with public collaborators and who seek both academic and non-specialist readers.

Goals for the Series

  • Document innovative, sustained publicly engaged projects
  • Provide a full, unfolding account of the dimensions of public scholarship
  • Offer frank description of challenges and failures as well as successes
  • Share best practices for university-community partnerships in arts and humanities
  • Suggest measures for evaluating the impact of publicly engaged projects
  • Inspire faculty, students, public practitioners developing their own publicly engaged research and teaching projects

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