Supporting the work of individual scholars

Obermann Center Fellows-in-Residence fully devote themselves to projects within an interdisciplinary community. The program supports artists, researchers, and scholars during periods when focus and feedback are crucial. The program is rooted in our mission: to support the work of individual scholars, while also providing Fellows with the opportunity to enrich an individual, discipline-specific project through interdisciplinary exchanges with a lively intellectual community of Fellows.

Each year twelve Fellows are selected competitively: six are in residence during the fall semester and six during the spring semester. The Obermann Center provides an office, a stipend ($1,000), and staff support. During the residency period, Fellows meet every two weeks to share their work-in-progress with one another. Fellows from both the spring and fall semesters are warmly invited to attend events and gatherings hosted by the Obermann Center throughout the year.


Applications for Fall fellows are due the first or second Tuesday of May each year. Applications for Spring fellows are due the second Tuesday of September each year.

Deadline for Fall 2021 Fellow-in-Residence applications: May 4, 2021 (5:00 p.m.)
Deadline for Spring 2022 Fellow-in-Residence applications: September 14, 2021 (5:00 p.m.)

Deadline for Fall 2022 Fellow-in-Residence applications: May 3, 2022 (5:00 p.m.)


University of Iowa Applicants

  • Should be faculty members whose appointment requires significant research, including scholarship and work in the arts. Emeriti faculty may also apply.
  • May apply more than once (preference will be given to applicants who have not been a Fellow-in-Residence in the past five years).
  • Commit to being in residence full-time during the semester of the award working on the proposed project.
  • Agree to participate in bi-weekly discussions of Fellows' work-in-progress.
  • Are available to participate in occasional lunches and other opportunities for intellectual engagement with the community gathered at the Obermann Center.

External Applicants

  • Are tenured or tenure track faculty members.
  • Reside in or near Iowa City during the period of the residency (close enough to commute to the Center daily).
  • Meet all other requirements for UI applicants.

Required Items

  • PDF iconCover sheet: Please download and complete this cover sheet (a fillable PDF), which asks for your name, department, desired semester, the award releasing you from all teaching responsibilities, and a DEO signature indicating that your DEO has approved a full-time residency if your application is successful. (Please email us at obermann-center@uiowa.edu if you have trouble downloading the cover sheet.)
  • A curriculum vitae: No more than three pages.
  • An abstract: Include an abstract of the proposed project (in third person), including a title (100 words or fewer) that will be used on our website if you become a Fellow.
  • A project description: This 3-5 page, single-spaced description should be clear and comprehensible to reviewers from a variety of disciplines; it should clarify how working at the Obermann Center and participating in the bi-weekly Fellows’ seminar will benefit the project and how the applicant’s participation will benefit the other Fellows. Given that the Fellows-in-Residence program is increasingly competitive and that we have limited space, please state specifically how often you anticipate using an office at the Center. See below for guidelines on organizing your project description.

Additional Notes

Please use these categories as headings to organize your project description:

  • An overview of the project and methodology.
  • The significance of the project.
  • A brief plan that indicates work that has been completed, the present status of the project, specific goals for the semester in residence, and a timeline for the project (which may extend beyond the semester of the award).
  • The anticipated outcome for work completed during the residency and for the larger project, including publication, performance, or exhibition plans; conference presentations; grant applications; impact on teaching; or plans to share discoveries with groups or communities outside academe. (Again, please discuss projected outcomes for a general audience of non-specialists.  That may mean including a few sentences to clarify where your project intersects with existing work in your field.)
  • How you hope to benefit from and contribute to the multi-disciplinary intellectual community of the Center generally and participating in the bi-weekly Fellows’ research seminar specifically.
  • The amount of time you anticipate working at the Center.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit the required materials in a single PDF by e-mail to obermann-center@uiowa.edu. Call (319) 335-4034 with any questions.