Symposium Coverage:

"Obermann Center symposium’s ‘Frequências’ film festival explores Afro-Brazilian cinema" — The Daily Iowan, April 2, 2023.

Daily Iowan TV newscast (April 3, 2023). 

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"Towards A Quilombo Cinema: An Afro-Brazilian Feminist Roundtable" — A conversation between Everlane Moraes, Janaína Oliveira, Kênia Freitas, and Tatiana Carvalho Costa" (Another Gaze, July 16, 2020).
Translated by Lillian Maguire and Natalia Davies

Film Quarterly (Winter 2020) — special issue on The New Brazilian Cinema. See especially "How the Machine Works: Brazil's New Black Cinema Series" by Kênia Freitas, translated by Mark Cohen; "The Impossible Embrace: Ilha, Travessia, and Black Brazilian Cinema Now" by Juliano Gomes, translated by Mark Cohen; and "With the Alma No Olho: Notes on Contemporary Black Cinema" by Janaína Oliveira, translated by Mark Cohen. 

"'The Government is Strangling Cinema': Brazil Film Industry Fights for Survival" — The Guardian, December 9, 2019.

"Soul in the Eye: Zózimo Bulbul's Legacy and Contemporary Black Brazilian Cinema" — International Film Festival Rotterdam; December 20, 2018. See also: Soul in the Eye Talks, Performance, and Masterclass.

Essays from 20th Festcurtas Catalog (2018).

Brazilian Film Criticism General Bibliography — Compiled by Kathleen Newman

b.O.s. 15.2 / NoirBLUE / Janaína Oliveira — ASAP Journal, September 2020

Fire Blossoms: A Dossier by Yasmina Price — contains texts on Miryam Charles; an article on Simone Leigh and Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich’s Conspiracy; and an interview, "Yasmina Price in Conversation with Miryam Charles" (Oona Mosna, ed.)


"Body of Knowledge" — an interview with Grace Passô by Christopher Harris (2022) 

An interview with director Miryam Charles about her debut feature Cette Maison [This House] — Film Show (Issue 22), February 7, 2023.

Building Bridges: The MOSTRA Brazilian Film Festival — an interview with Ariani Friedl by Cris Lira (March 2023)

"Spiral Cinema" — A Conversation with Janaína Oliveira by Yasmina Price Current (March 2023)


FilmCastPodScene: "Frequências Film Symposium with Christopher Harris," by Iowa FilmScene (March 21, 2023)


IRAAS Conversations | Visualizing Black Lives: Ownership and Control in Afro Brazilian Media — A conversation between Reighan Gillam, University of Southern California, and Racquel Gates, Columbia University.

IRAAS Conversations | Visualizing Black Lives: Ownership and Control in Afro Brazilian Media

A new generation of Afro-Brazilian media producers have emerged to challenge a mainstream that frequently excludes them. Reighan Gillam delves into the dynamic alternative media landscape developed by Afro-Brazilians in the twenty-first century. With works that confront racism and focus on Black characters, these artists and the visual media they create identify, challenge, or break with entrenched racist practices, ideologies, and structures. Gillam looks at a cross-section of media to show the ways Afro-Brazilians assert control over various means of representation in order to present a complex Black humanity. These images—so at odds with the mainstream—contribute to an anti-racist visual politics fighting to change how Brazilian media depicts Black people while highlighting the importance of media in the movement for Black inclusion. An eye-opening union of analysis and fieldwork, Visualizing Black Lives examines the alternative and activist Black media and the people creating it in today's Brazil.